Sharing Your Results

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Sharing Your Results

One of the greatest advantages of ProfilmOnline is how easy it is to share data with business partners, research collaborators, or the world at large. This section will overview the different options available for sharing an image.


Share an image within your gallery or a loaded image by clicking the Icon - Share button which opens the following dialog.


Dialog - Share


Enter a Title, Description, and assign one or more Categories to make the image searchable when shared to the Public Gallery. Click or drag the toggle next to Share to enabling sharing of the image. Once enabled the following controls will be accessible.


Icon - Share Image - Copy  Add the shared image link to your clipboard

Icon - Share Image - Email  Create a new e-mail in your default e-mail program containing the shared image link.

Icon - Share Image - Public  Toggle to share your image with other ProfilmOnline users in the Public Gallery.

Icon - Share Image - Savable  Toggle to permit shared images to be saved and edited by other users.

Icon - Share Image - Embed Copy to clipboard a code snippet to embed an image within your site.


Finally, the Details section will provide some brief information about the file.