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User Profile

To access your personal user profile, click on your user icon image in the upper right corner of ProfilmOnline and then click on the Account button. From this page you can see your currently used vs. available storage, as well as any images you have shared to the public gallery.


In addition you can also click on the Edit button to change a variety of settings including: profile picture, first and last name, e-mail, and notifications. This is also where you can enable encryption of your images, detailed below, or cancel your account.


Enabling Encryption


ProfilmOnline offers the option to encrypt your images on the server for a greater degree of security for your images. To encrypt your images, click on the Enable Encryption link after accessing the Edit your profile section as described above. Enter a password to use with your encrypted files. If you forget this password, you will need the recovery key that is provided after selecting Enable Encryption in order to change it. Note that it will take some time to encrypt the images that are already uploaded to your account, during which your account will be disabled. Once encryption has been completed you can enable/disable encryption or access your recovery key at any time through your profile page.