My Images

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My Images

This is your personal image gallery where all of your loaded images can be organized and accessed for analysis.


Example - My Images - Crop


Icon - My Images - Upload

-        Upload an image from your computer to ProfilmOnline

-        Download selected images and folders

Icon - My Images - File Maintenance

-        Move, copy, delete, or rename selected files and folders

-        Create a new folder

Icon - My Images - Details and stitch

-        Select all the images and folders in the current folder

-        Show details for selected image

-        Share or un-share selected images or folders

-        Favorite or un-favorite selected images or folders

-        Stitch two or more selected images

Icon - My Images - View

-        Show images and folders in Grid or List view

Icon - My Images - Thumbnails

-        Show image thumbnails in 3D View or 2D (Top) View

Icon - My Images - Filter

-        Show All, Recent, Favorite, or Shared images

Icon - My Images - Sort By

-        Sort images by: Name, Last Modified, Uploaded at, Image Size (On Server), or Image Size (Source)