Image Viewer

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Image Viewer

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There are six sets of controls available when viewing an image, each accessed by selecting that control tab.




Overwrite the current image with any changes (e.g., after level operator application) and update the thumbnail in the image gallery to match the current condition.

Save As:

Create a new image file from the current image.


Open the Share settings dialog.


Create a local copy of the image file in the original file format or one of the three following formats: .fibps, .sur, or .stl.




Contains controls for various tools available through ProfilmOnline. Covered in detail under ProfilmOnline Features.




Modify the image, usually in preparation for use of an analysis tool.

Spatial Filter:

Apply a filter to smooth the surface

Fill In Invalids:

Interpolate values for unmeasured pixels

Remove Outliers:

Remove outlying pixels


Remove any tip or tilt


Remove more complicated shapes


Set a cutoff wavelength and filtering method to separate surface roughness and waviness profiles

FFT Filter:

Separate short and long wavelength components of a surface, or components laying in a specific direction


Remove unwanted data


AFM Operators:


Correct errors that occur in AFM or other raster-scanning based images.

Adjust Rows/Columns:

Adjusts data values to better align with values in adjacent rows or columns

Remove Drift:

Correct shifts caused by gradual alignment drift during scanning

Deconvolve Tip:

Remove artifacts in image caused by shape of AFM tip.




Control how the loaded image is shown (Manipulating the Image), and access the image properties, including operators applied (See Image Properties).


Icon - Arrow Left Hide or show the Top View image.

Icon - Arrow RightHide or show the 3D View image.




Load or modify recipes; covered in detail under Recipes.