Uploading an Image

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Uploading an Image

To use ProfilmOnline, begin by uploading an image. The process is straightforward, and can be completed in a few simple steps:


Through the Profilm desktop software:

1. Load the desired image.

2. Click Upload to ProfilmOnline.

 a. If not already signed into ProfilmOnline, you will be prompted to sign in.


Through the Image Gallery:

1.Sign in to ProfilmOnline.

2.Click the My Images tab to open your image gallery.

3.Click Icon - My Images - Upload to open a File Explorer dialog box.

4.Navigate to and select the image file.

5.Click Open to upload the image.

 a. Drag and drop is also available to add images to your gallery.


When the upload is complete, a new thumbnail of your image is shown in My Images.